Sunday, November 13, 2011

Granny Squares Completed

This is what 252 completed granny squares look like. I am so relieved to be done with this. Now, I just have to stitch them back together. Since I have the flu and a four-day weekend, it looks like my blanket will be done by the end of today. I sorta want to do a finishing border stitch all the way around like my cousin Lilia did to her awesome afghan. We'll see if I can manage that today. I'm feeling like a hot mess right now. I have the flu...again. =( I don't know why I've been getting sick so easily the last few years, but maybe it's time to get checked out.

Still, I'm glad I'm nearing the end of this project. Next up is DOLL MAKING!! I think it will be a lot of fun! And my brother is going to love his Xmas present! (This blanket, not the doll.)


  1. Yey to the squares being done. Booo to being sick. The colors look good. I suggest blocking the entire blanket if you can. Especially since you picked a wool yarn (right? I don't remember)

  2. It's a wool blend. I definitely want to block, since I was considering putting a fleece backing on this blanket. I haven't decided 100% yet. It depends on how long it takes me to finish. I may just take the thing and chuck it at him when it's all said and done.."Get this outta my face!!!"

    But, it's coming along good, just slow. I blame myself for that, though.