Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WIP: Mario Blanket- Hit RESET

Well, folks. After viewing my options yesterday at my nearest yarn barn, and after discussing it with my very learned Jewish yarn guru / store owner, I decided to put aside all 35 Water Chestnut squares I crocheted in the Patton's Classic and save it for another use. I bought 4 skeins of Blossom in Wool Ease, instead.

That mean's I'll have to re-crochet the 35 I already made plus the remaining 8 that I needed to do. It sets me back a few days, but honestly, even though I love the feel of 100% wool, it will felt and get all fuzzy as time goes by (which is fine) but all the other 200+ squares I made will not. So, Mario's skin will look like it has some disease while the rest of him will look like the wool/acrylic blend that I've been using on the majority of the rest of the blanket.

Blossom is more on the pink side, rather than the peach side. Paton's has the advantage on the color I was trying to go for since NO ONE has peach except Red Heart, and we all know how I feel about Red Heart. (YUCK!) But, Blossom comes pretty close and it will match the texture of the rest of the blanket, which is more important. I hope this works!! Wish me luck, people!

This is Blossom.
Now, I'm back to 43 squares away from completion! Hey, it's been nearly 2 years! I can live with that!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mario Blanket Hold-Up

So close.....and yet so far. I have 8 flesh colored squares left to crochet before the mise-en-place portion of my blanket is completed!!!

 And I ran out of my Paton's Water Chestnet pale pink yarn. I took it for granted that I could find almost any yarn at the Fabric store across the street from my job, but upon further inspection, my yarn color was not in stock. Further to my dismay, I found a similar color in the Lion Brand Worsted Weight Wool that I've been using on the rest of the blanket!! The color was Blossom.

I'm so friggin' aggravated! I just wanted to have this blanket done sooner rather than later so that I could move on with my craft projects. It looks like I'll have to order it online.