Monday, October 3, 2011

Mario Blanket Hold-Up

So close.....and yet so far. I have 8 flesh colored squares left to crochet before the mise-en-place portion of my blanket is completed!!!

 And I ran out of my Paton's Water Chestnet pale pink yarn. I took it for granted that I could find almost any yarn at the Fabric store across the street from my job, but upon further inspection, my yarn color was not in stock. Further to my dismay, I found a similar color in the Lion Brand Worsted Weight Wool that I've been using on the rest of the blanket!! The color was Blossom.

I'm so friggin' aggravated! I just wanted to have this blanket done sooner rather than later so that I could move on with my craft projects. It looks like I'll have to order it online.


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