Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crochet Mario Bros. Blanket: A Stitch in Time

...will take me forever!!!!

Here is the first 6 rows of my Mario Bros. Blanket stitched together. I only have one picture so far to document my progress. I've added on a couple more rows since. I've had to "frog" this piece a few times already for stitching the wrong side, stitching the wrong direction, or stitching on the wrong color. Frogging, my cousin Lilia tells me, is a crochet/knitting term which refers to ripping out completed rows or stitches because you messed up. "Rip it! Rip it!" Get it? Frogging. Think about it....

Do you see Mario's face coming through?

 Tonight, I'll take another shot of my progress, as well as some close-ups of the back stitches so you can see how I'm putting this all together. I'll also take pictures of the problematic areas so you know the downside of stitching it the way I chose to.

I realized I like reading blogs with more pictures depicting what the heck the blogger is talking about. I'll try and do more of that so you can appreciate where I'm coming from. It's frustrating and slow, but I am happy it's taking shape and I will be super-proud when this is all done.

Oh, and the pic above is just a partial view. So far, this blanket is 14 squares across. He's going to have a pretty substantial blanky when this is all said and done!


  1. You have gotten a decent amount done. Especially having had to FROG. booo! I just frogged 1/2 a rug. Sucks.

    The beauty of back stitches is... they're in the back ;) don't stress that out too much. Pick on color and go with it... on those color change sections. If you are needling it... I know a way to hide the stitch but I don't know if it will hide well with drasticlly contrasting colors.

    I love it so far! And yes, you must block!

  2. Sooo that was Lilia ^^ it wouldn't let me post under my own acct. =(

  3. Blogger is a total bitch like that. Sorry!

    I noticed the first couple of rows I did are not as tight as the subsequent rows. I'll probably have to frog those fuckers and do them over again.

    You actually can't even see the stitching thread I'm using, so that's another lesson learned. Overall, there are a lot of things I'll do differently for my next blanket. But, I won't be doing granny squares for a while only because I'm kinda sick of them right now.

  4. Hey, my lady friend. This is due for an update! Pictures!

    I hope you had a peaceful and delicious turkey day.