Sunday, September 11, 2011

WIP: Crochet Mario Bros. Blanket - We Have a Problem!

Hey, happy hookers!

On my last Mario Bros Blanket update, I mentioned that I had issues finding the correct color yarn for his peachy/pink skin in the Lion Brand Wool Ease blend that I've been using for the rest of the blanket. I finally consented and bought Red Heart Classic yarn in light peach.

That was scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to yarn. It's cheap, it's acrylic, and it sort of burns my fingers when I'm crocheting quickly. In desperation, I bought 6 skeins of it. After completing the last of the chocolate brown squares, I pulled out one of these skeins and immediately felt the difference in texture and weight. I did one granny square and realized this wasn't going to work. LOOK:

My flash sort of messed up the shot, but you can see the size difference of a square crocheted from the same pattern with the two different yarns. The Red Heart brand is bigger, and less pleasing to the touch. This won't work if they're all going to be joined up to form one huge blanket.

I need to crochet 43 of these little peach squares, and I'm not going to do it with the wrong yarn only to find out at the end that none of those squares will work out. It will take me about 3 days to do it; three days I'll never get back if I go one using the wrong material.

Back to the drawing board, I'm afraid. I'm going back to the craft stores to search again for something in the Wool Ease brand that may do or even Vanna's Choice. I'm not going to let my 2 year-long project go to shit because of ONE color!


  1. Have you tried the fisherman color. It's kinda like a neutral pale color. I think staying within the same wool, weight, etc family is VERY important for this blanket to be a great success. Also you'll need to tell michael to hand wash or cold wash gentle and lay flat to dry most likely. Because it will both felt and shrink otherwise.

  2. I was looking, but AC Moore doesn't have a large selection of Wool Ease, and I only saw ONE Fisherman's yarn in a grayish color. Can you believe that? They had tons of the crap Red Heart, though!

    I bought two skeins of Pattons in pink. I don't mind it felting. I think it would look cool felted, but I don't think my wool/acrylic blend yarn will felt. I guess I'll find out when it's all done. I'm definitely going for smaller squares on the next project I undertake!

  3. That blows. The fisherman's is actually the color not the style I'm talking about and the style is wool ease. But it seems that you got it taken care of.

    Yeah I feel EXACTLY the same. I'm going to only do up to 3 rows of square instead of 4 in the future. Also... I think I'm going to give up on squares for a while in general and move on to stripes and zigzags. In bright crazy colors but of course!

  4. I realized that the other week. I found it in the store near my job and bought three packages. But, when I put it near the other colors, it looked a lot whiter than it does on its own. I love the color, though, and I want to make something out of it, maybe with black and this cool denim color that I have left over from this project.

    Although the Red Heart peach was the perfect color, the Water Chestnut in the Pattons is close enough in color and texture. I couldn't find a dusty pink in the Wool Ease to match, and the Fisherman's color was coming out too pale in contrast to the other colors I have.

    I hope I can find another skein. I got it in the clearance section of AC Moore. I'm going to check my yarn store tomorrow.