Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blinged Out Wedding Pumpkins

Any one who knows me knows how much I LOVE glittering the heck out of everything! I couldn't be happier when my bride-friend told me that she wanted glittered pumpkins as a part of her centerpieces. We went to a farm to pick up a bushel of pumpkins. (I will add more photos to this post later. I can't find my camera cable right now.) I had taken some pictures at the farm.

Anyway, this is a bushel of pumpkin gourds, which is what they officially call these mini pumpkins. WeeBee pumpkins are actually small, round pumpkins; smaller than a regular pumpkin, but larger and rounder than a pumpkin gourd. A bushel has nearly 60 mini pumpkins inside. And, they sold it to my friend's fiance for $24 which is an absolute STEAL!

My friend too this picture of the bushel. We had already taken out nearly 45 at this point. About 32 of them were good, and nearly 10 were either dented, missing stems, or not cute enough for the wedding. Still, though, she has nearly another 40 or 50 in there, and she only needed about 50 to begin with!!

After running out of glitter and time, this is what she had. The wedding isn't until the 30th of Oct, so she's storing these in a flat plastic container and laying it flat on a rack.

We messed around with centerpiece ideas. We settled on 4 different colored pumpkins laying outside of a round mirrored tray with tea lights and a small round vase with cut Gerber daisies in fall colors. I didn't take pictures since it was only a trial run. I'll take pics of the actual centerpiece.


  1. Ooh! Those came out so good! Is that from the Martha pumpkin kit?

    1. Yikes! I seemed to have dropped the ball on replying to comments. I originally got the idea from one of Martha's projects and she does sell kits, but it's cheaper to get a container of Mod Podge and a cheaper brand of "Fine" glitter. Martha offers many different colors of fine-textured glitter, but her brand can be pricey. If you look around, you can find comparable quality glitter at a fraction of the price at your local craft stores.