Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cut Here

Did I mention I also like to dabble in jewelry making? I'm not really into the fancy stuff or the crystals. I like edgy, contemporary, steampunk, or just symbolic. Silver or white gold is my vice of choice, but I'll tolerate other materials in the name of art! (And to be less stressful of my wallet...)

This little baby of mine is called "Cut Here". I saw a very similar necklace made by an artist in Europe but the scissors and beads were made out of resin and are much larger. I wanted something a little more understated and subtle.

I'm going to make this necklace again but with silver cylinders or with the hematite cylinders like I used on this necklace and a black scissor. Unfortunately, I had a hell of a time find the right type of scissor charm for this necklace. I ended up finding it online, in only one size, and thankfully in silver colored metal.

This is my firs attempt at it, but I really love the look. I will play around and see how I can tweek it!

Hematite cylinders on clear stretchy string with a silver metal scissor charm. The d├ęcolletage is all me!

Supply Sources:
Scissor Charms- Artfire.com
Stretchy String- Pearl Paint NYC (in store)
Hematite Cylinders- Pearl Paint NYC (in store)
Metal clasps on the back of necklace- Pearl Paint NYC (in store)

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