Monday, May 2, 2011

Crochet Basket

This basket was supposed to be a blanket. I had not picked up a crochet hook in over two years and was eager to get back into it. I bought two skeins of purple soft-touch yarn and went to town, chaining about 200 and then doing some weird double crochet stitch on every other one. I don't know what I was doing, but it started to ruffle. Everyone who saw it laughed and said my blanket would be uneven and weird looking, not to mention the enormous holes that my wonky pattern was creating. When my two skeins were done, I had a long 6 inch wide strips of "netting". What was I going to do with that? I wound it around and around in a spiral, crocheting it all together and creating this basket. I chained up a rope and made a tie to keep the top cinched. I use it to hold my hats and winter gloves now. =)

When life hands you a wonky, ill-prepared "blanket", make a fucking basket and throw your odds and ends in there!

It would have been a very holey blanket anyway.

This is my basket cinched up at the top.

I use it as a hat holder now.

This is my basket on top of my pillow to give you an idea how big it is. It's pretty substantial.

 Supplies / Sources:
Soft Touch Yarn in Amethyst: Michaels


  1. this is for grandmothers and spinsters
    are you a nona or a spinster?

    put the damn yarn down and get back into the world

    I bet it misses you!

  2. Crochet? Yarn? Uh, how old are you? Do you want to age and die as the crazy cat lady who crochets her furniture?! A little more interaction with the outside world may do you some good...just sayin'

  3. You're just meeeeeeeaaaaan! Mean, I tell ya! If people didn't crochet or knit, you would have no blankets to keep warm. So there!